Interview – Ethical manufacturing

Image credit: Karina Tess on Unsplash

Connecting conscious brands and sustainable manufacturers from all over Europe.

06:10 “We also have quite a bit of platforms that connect various stakeholders within the manufacturing, based on the criteria that we need in Europe. So for example, one other startup that we have is called Manufy. So Manufy is a Dutch startup that basically provides a platform for people to source sustainable and ethical manufacturing partners. So if I need to make a hoodie, I will go on Manufy and I will write that I need 1000 green hoodies with that and that certificate, and then I’ll get inquiries from various manufacturers that can actually fulfil that promise. And they’re all in the European marketplace. There’s an unlimited amount of innovation for each challenge, it’s just a matter of finding it.”

“Manufy is an online marketplace that connects conscious brands and sustainable manufacturers from all over Europe in an efficient, transparent and sustainable way.
By doing this we hope to create more support for local sourcing, providing quality over quantity and helping businesses of all sizes grow.”