Meet the ‘Digital Twin’ Wind Farm

The integration of wind energy software with hardware can increase energy production by as much as 20%

The Digital Wind Farm consists of a 2MW wind turbine, and wind power software that can monitor and optimise the turbine as it runs and generates energy. With digital twin technology, engineers can mix and match up to 20 different turbine configurations to make sure they are building the best wind turbine possible for the real-life location of the farm. Once the physical wind turbine is installed, the digital twin model can collect and analyse data from its real-life counterpart, providing suggestions to make it even more efficient.

The integration of the wind energy software with the hardware can increase energy production by as much as 20%, creating around $100 million in extra revenue over the wind turbine’s life.

What if manufacturing could keep the machinery running properly, well-maintained, and secure — all without an actual site inspection? Or what if you could develop multiple product iterations to check which design and materials would suit you better without building the product and spending real-life resources?