Metaverse as Innovation, Sustainability Tool

Image credit: julien Tromeur on Unsplash

Sustainability could be one of the biggest benefits presented by the industrial metaverse.

The consumer, commercial, and industrial realms are the “three categories of innovation” within the metaverse, Microsoft COO Judson Althoff explained at this week’s Microsoft Ignite event (Oct 2022).

The industrial metaverse is all about connecting the physical and digital world to drive industry forward, he said. It combines technologies like IoT sensors to better model manufacturing, supply chain, or logistics processes, and takes the data off those processes and populates it into large scale data lakes in the cloud. It’s across three frames — designing new products, building products, and optimizing operations — that Althoff said the industrial metaverse will have the most impact

While there is still of room for evolution in each realm of the metaverse, Althoff said the industrial metaverse is “here and now,” with what he claims are hundreds of customers already leveraging these capabilities in their day-to-day operations.

Sustainability could be one of the biggest benefits of the industrial metaverse. Judson Althoff: “If you make or move anything, you create a carbon footprint. If we can simulate that infinitely in the cloud before you make it or before you move it, we can help you build better products more effectively, more efficiently, with lower carbon footprint, lower water utilization, more sustainably than ever before.”