New era of self-assembled nanomaterials

Building products from the molecular level

(33:12) “Nanomanufacturing, but specifically bottom up nanomanufacturing, which is building products from the nano level. Specifically, if we can use self-assembly nanomanufacturing, which means that we generate the conditions for those molecules to self-assemble and create a factory within the product, let’s call it like that. And there are different approaches right now and there are some startups that are working on that approach. Still early days, very early days, but probably would be a significant change in the coming 15 years.”

While there are distinct examples of very successful technological implementations of self-assembled nanomaterials, their further translation into practical application requires solutions to several major challenges, for example, how to assemble nanoparticles into macroscale structures with high precision, how to control and optimize the performance of nanoparticle assemblies, and how to produce them at low cost but with high efficiency.