New generational approach

Younger generation demands different standards, will industries take it seriously?

As found in a recent UNiDAYS survey, 93 percent of Gen Z believes brands have an obligation to take a stand on environmental issues. From developing company-wide environmental policies to making smart climate-related investments, Gen Z wants to see actionable plans and measurable progress.

According to a recent study conducted by the Consumer Goods Forum and Futerra, 90 percent of Gen Z personally care if they receive honest information about products. Transparency in a digital age sets great companies apart from all others. In an age of misinformation, transparency at all operation levels is crucial for building brand loyalty and trust with the Gen Z market segment.

With buying power of more than $140 billion, Gen Z is the fastest-growing consumer segment with unique purchasing values in mind and the willingness to act upon them. Knowing their particular approach towards transparency, equality and sustainability companies might reconsider “the business as usual” approach! Will the new generation of users even consider purchasing products that don’t meet their ethics in the future? How will that disrupt the value chain of manufacturing?