P&G’s New Strategy to Help Address Global Water Crisis

Image credit: Alexandre Lecocq on Unsplash

Including a first-of-its-kind goal to restore more water than is consumed during use of P&G products in two high water-stressed areas

In June 2022, P&G announced a strategy to help build a water-positive future that includes restoring water in 18 water-stressed areas around the world for people and nature, responding to water challenges through innovation and partnerships, and reducing water in operations. As part of this strategy, P&G has two new goals: 1. ‘Making of our products’: To restore more water than is consumed at P&G manufacturing sites; and 2. ‘Use of our products’: to restore more water than is consumed when using P&G products in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

P&G is working with on-the-ground partners who have a deep knowledge of local challenges, solutions, communities, and landscapes to support long-term projects that improve, manage, and protect water resources. These projects can include a range of solutions such as managing wetlands, reforesting land, improving irrigation systems, using sensors to identify and stop leaks, and supporting transformational conservation programs.

By 2025, the UN projects that about two-thirds of people on the planet will live in water-stressed areas. Water is critical for people, essential to support nature, wildlife, and agriculture. This is why P&G are building on their water progress with additional goals and partnerships to be part of a ripple effect toward a water positive future.