Safety standards in Industry 5.0

“In Europe we need to make sure we have some tools that can be used in real production environments.”

“There are a lot of AI tools, machine learning tools, that are used for detecting objects or even human operators. The problem is that those tools are based on hundreds of thousands of lines of open source code, so it’s not easy to make sure that everything works as expected. It’s not easy to make sure that the robotic cell that uses AI vision, for instance, is 100% safe. That means that you can’t actually use an AI tool as a standard robotic cell that adheres to the safety regulations, and even if you have a 99% success rate in detecting a human operator and where the human operator is… what happens in this 1% of the cases where the camera or the system fails to detect where the human operator is? And if you have a collaborative robot, there is always a chance that the operator will be injured, so what happens then? Those are certainly some elements that we could focus a little bit more on in Europe and make sure that we have some tools over the next 5 to 10 years that can be used in real production environments.”