The Augmented Worker

Image credit: XR Expo on Unsplash

New technologies will provide richer information to support operators in their jobs

(18:20) “I don’t see the operators wearing augmented reality glasses for eight hours a shift, for sure not. I can clearly see what we could call the augmented operator, not necessarily with the glasses or the goggles, right? Meaning that they can have access to more information and more relevant information to execute their tasks, and they can have access to remote assistance, and they can have access to many more things that 10 years ago were unthinkable. And that will probably be widespread in five years-time. Let’s call it the Augmented Worker.”

Augmentation offers manufacturers a way to enhance their existing workforce without sacrificing the flexibility and cost advantages of human labor. It also acknowledges that humans are central to manufacturing and that they’re going to remain central to manufacturing for the foreseeable future.