Learning Factories Network COMING SOON!

What is a Learning Factory?

A Learning Factory (LF) represents a realistic manufacturing environment suitable for education, training, and research. It’s a physical learning environment containing didactical instruments and equipment, effectively creating the work conditions of a real industrial site for didactic and training purposes. 

In 2020 and 2021, several Networks of Learning Factories were created to build an international ecosystem able to foster research and technology transfer between academia and industry. EITM Learning Factories Network currently includes  countries from West, South and Central Europe.  

EIT Manufacturing wishes to become an international gateway and commercial channel for Learning Factories across Europe, with the ultimate aim to generate impact and revenues by leveraging both the physical assets within the Learning Factories and the digital learning content developed within EIT Manufacturing funded activities. 

What is this initiative about?

The Learning Factories Network Development is a strategic activity to increase the visibility and uptake of EIT Manufacturing unique education approach based on the co-creation and network collaboration between Manufacturing Companies, RTOs, and Universities.  

The Learning Factories Network Development aims at creating an EIT Manufacturing Marketplace for the offer of all the Learning Factories education programs and activities, thus increasing the outreach and the access to the Learning Factories training offer, as well as available equipment suitable for testing and piloting. 

The initiative  will provide an easier access to the Learning Factories facilities and related education activities through an integration with the EIT Manufacturing programmes and the digital learning platform Skills.move.

What does this collaboration framework aims at?

-Helping companies in training, re-skilling and upskilling their workforce to be on the forefront of Industry 4.0 competences, skills and trends 

-Allowing enterprises to experience a state-of-the-art learning environment, familiarize their workforce with machinery and equipment without the costs associated to purchase or direct lease, extending an exposed and wide network among them 

-Allowing universities and training institutions to complement their programs with hands-on and entrepreneurship-oriented experiences, fostering collaboration between industry and academia by relying on real-life problems to train students 

-Allowing students and recent graduates to be ready to play a role in the manufacturing industry