Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites – IPC

IPC is the Technical Centre of the French Plastics and Composites Industry, with more than 3,000 SMEs directly connected to IPC. As such, IPC is in charge of providing industry with innovative and high added value facilities and manufacturing pilot lines, cutting edge expertise and services. IPC covers the full industry value chain with its key fields of expertise including design and simulation of products and processes; advanced processes and tooling; industry 4.0; smart materials; plastronics; circular economy. Main markets addressed today encompass automotive, consumer goods, building, aeronautics, health, packaging, connectors, house appliances.


Address:2, rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 01100 Bellignat, France
Tel: +33 474 81 92 60
Website: ct-ipc.com