Manufacturing Alliance AIE

Manufacturing Alliance AIE is a private and independent alliance of R&D centres, a benchmark in the European R&D context. It is composed by 5 organisations in the Basque Country (northern Spain): AZTERLAN, CEIT, IDEKO, LORTEK and TEKNIKER. Manufacturing Alliance sets out to generate, capture and transfer scientific and technological knowledge in order to contribute towards improving the competitiveness of companies and the progress of society. Regarding targeted Technological Areas, Manufacturing Alliance centres bases its activity around eight scientific and tecnological units: Biotechnology, Micro- and nano-technologies, Environmental Technology, Energy, Industrial management and production, Mechatronics, Materials and processes and Information and Communications Technologies. With these units, the RTOs cover the full range of activities, from basic research to development.

Manufacturing Alliance


Affiliated entities:

  • Ideko
  • Azterlan
  • Tekniker
  • Lortek
  • CEIT

Address: Inaki Goenaga kalea 5, 20600, Eibar, Spain
Tel: +34 943 74 8000