TU IASI (Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi) is a prestigious technical university located in Iasi, Romania. TUIASI is the most important technical university from the North-East region of Romania. It has a strong track record in educational programs, particularly in the fields of technological and manufacturing education, as well as entrepreneurial education.

The university is highly receptive to the embracement of the European system values, both in education in research, being fully aware of the importance of its both national and international responsibilities. Auspiciously, the institution plans to develop the curriculum, to join the mobility schemes and the integrated programs of study, education and research. The Technical University has managed to strengthen its standards and achieve globally certified outstanding progress. Specifically, all of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University development indicators support that assessment. These include diversification of specialization, the number of students and faculty members, research field decision-making autonomy, international cooperation opportunities and quality of education in most specialties.

The university has resources of intelligence and creativity, as well as the necessary competence for accomplishing the complex mission to generate, preserve, disseminate and apply the accumulated scientific knowledge. It is concerned with establishing a system for quality assurance and academic excellence in teaching, scientific research and education, system based on the criteria and the methodologies compatible with those from the European countries.