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Diverse group of people in factoryDiverse group of people in factory

Learning Factories Networks

EIT Manufacturing Learning Factories Networks offer a range of comprehensive training experiences.

Learning Factories are complex learning environments for the manufacturing context that contain authentic replicas of real production systems and value chains, so that participants can learn based on experiences, in a hands-on fashion. They are are simplified for didactic reasons and reproduced inside a lab to train students. Learning Factories have been used in universities and industry for many years now.

Unlike a Teaching Factory, students in a Learning Factory do not work on real challenges. Due the didactical nature of Learning Factories, there are different types of Learning Factories that use different type of equipment depending on the focus of the Learning Factory.

EIT Manufacturing’s Doctoral and Master School Programmes are also built on the Learning and Teaching Factories paradigms, to ensure a practical and hands-on approach that is anchored in industrial reality.


LIFT Europe (2020)

LIFT Europe proposes to build a broad, learning-factories-network ecosystem, to foster research and technology transfer between academia and industry. LIFT is intended to develop skills-of-the-future and ad-hoc training curricula, to ensure competitiveness of European manufacturing SMEs. In addition, LIFT Europe will create a European community to develop, test and disseminate innovative educational methods and tools for training that will allow sustainable work between people and robots.

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MirrorLabs (2020)

In order to train students to work in a sustainable fasion with robots, learners need to access real hardware. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are being used to allow human-robot-interaction, but combining AR/VR with existing robotics infrastructure is quite challenging, and training students to use it is also difficult. This project aims to develop a common, easy-to-use ICT infrastructure that can be added to existing equipment in the labs of the participating partners. The resulting software would be open-source, so that it can be used by other partners within and outside the EIT Manufacturing community. Along with a software platform, the project wil develop tutorials on how to set up the platform and how to get started working with it.

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Mach4.0 (2020)

Mach 4.0 is a training and learning activity that demonstrates the practical application of industry 4.0 in machining processes. The programme involves applying data analytics, big data, etc. to new manufacturing trends such as digital twin and zero defects manufacturing. Bringing together the theoretical and practical expertise in machining of four university partners, this innovative program employs a mix of practical and theoretical lessons, delivered in both face-to-face and remote formats.

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