Data Bites: Navigating EU Funding – Tips and Challenges

The Webinar in a Nutshell:

In this session, we’ll demystify the functionality of the EU Funding landscape, offering key insights of the purpose of EU funding and highlighting long-term advantages of participation in international (collaborative) projects.  From understanding the difference to national projects and tipps for stepping into the international funding scheme, how to overcome challenges in planning and during application processes to understand the requirements of the EU funding system, its risks and also potential for financial support for your future projects.

About our Expert Trainer:
Sabine Seidl, Mag., CMC, born in Vienna in 1972, is a funding and innovation expert with +30 years of experience. Founder of Ideas in Motion Management. she specialises in project development, implementation, business plans, and international project management, particularly in industrial technologies.

What is Data Bites?
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About EIT Manufacturing:
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