Johannes Hunschofsky shares leadership insights in our latest podcast episode

Podcast Art of MakingArt of Making episode with Hannes Hunschofsky

In talk with Johannes Hunschofsky: What does it mean to be a global leader?

In the latest Art of Making podcast episode, the EIT Manufacturing East Managing Director Johannes Hunschofsky shares leadership insights and his “Leadership Lessons No One Will Teach You”!

With over 40 years of experience as a top executive in multinational manufacturing companies in North America, Europe and Asia, Johannes Hunschofsky is a visionary transformation leader and experienced board member who successfully implemented strategies for business turnarounds, improvements and growth, start-ups, acquisition integrations, and reorganisations.

Johannes is also an international speaker on topics including leadership, manufacturing and business strategy, and has been a lecturer on leadership for more than ten years. He has successfully led companies and teams of all sizes, from small teams of three to teams of up to 2,500 members. Throughout his career,  he has made a strong personal and professional commitment to talent development, mentoring, and coaching numerous employees at various stages of their careers.

Together with top-class engineering schools, world-renowned technical universities and global corporations, Johannes has developed a variety of cutting-edge development programmes and tools for motivated talent to grow and thrive. Given the current talent competition and the importance of strategic talent development and retention, he believes it is critical to focus on activities in these areas in order to succeed in the global war for talent.

Today, in his role as Managing Director, Johannes leads the EIT Manufacturing East team located in Vienna, Austria, and supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

In the latest Art of Making podcast episode, our host Maxim Mommerency asks: What does it mean to be a global leader? What differentiates leaders from managers? How can young people become better leaders? Johannes Hunschofsky answers all those questions and more, sharing his view on global leadership and insights and tips based on a career spanning decades, countries and even continents.

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