SYstemic DIgital Twins for Industrial Logistics

Systemic Intelligence Group, a pioneering software editor company and partner of EIT Manufacturing, is set to disrupt the logistics sector with its groundbreaking project.

SYDITIL, co-funded by EIT Manufacturing, is a digital twin technology that allows to model and simulate industrial infrastructures enabling optimization during the initial stages and in realtime. This innovative endeavour aims to revolutionize business decision-making and operational efficiency in complex industrial logistics systems through the deployment of cutting-edge digital twin technology.

SYDITIL envisions itself as an indispensable tool for industrial designers and operators, offering unparalleled support in optimizing the design and operational lifespan of intricate logistics systems. By leveraging advanced digital twin technology, SYDITIL facilitates real-time simulation and modelling of industrial infrastructures, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions at every stage of the system lifecycle.

Syditil team

According to Daniel Krob, Systemic Intelligence Group President, the starting point of this journey was a paper written with his partner Antoine Rauzy, entitled “Handling the COVID-19 crisis: Toward an agile model-based systems approach”, in which they proposed the idea of a systemic digital twin for modelling and simulating the covid-19 crisis. Their initial motivation was therefore to transform the idea introduced in this paper into something concrete.

The systemic digital twins, which are the primary focus of SYDITIL, represent a new generation of tools designed to assist end users in crucial decision-making processes for the design and/or operations of complex logistic infrastructures, spanning from individual warehouses to entire supply chains.

The project allowed us to strongly capitalize on our innovative, but still nascent, technological base. Thanks to the support of EIT Manufacturing, and the collaboration of key industrial players and academic experts, we were able to substantially accelerate the technical development of our systemic digital twin solution, as well as its marketing and business expansion. All in all, this is an invaluable growth opportunity for us which propelled our company to the next level, enabling us to better identify and serve customers and stay ahead in the market.

Daniel Krob, Systemic Intelligence Group President

At the core of SYDITIL lies its systemic digital twin solution, which enables comprehensive modeling and simulation of industrial logistics systems. This not only streamlines the initial design process but also facilitates ongoing optimization and adaptation in real-time. By integrating internal and external factors, including business alerts and potential hazards, SYDITIL ensures enhanced performance and resilience throughout the system’s lifespan.

SYDITIL’s systemic digital twin offers several key advantages, including reduced development time and costs for industrial logistics, real-time alerts for operators, and enhanced supply-chain performance. By providing actionable insights and facilitating strategic decision-making, SYDITIL drives efficiency and competitiveness for both designers and operators.

This project, which was one of those selected in EIT Manufacturing’s Call for Proposals 2023, co-financed with a grant of €1,280,000, has yielded significant outcomes, including the successful development and launch of a dedicated solution for rapid deployment of systemic digital twins in European industrial logistics. This achievement translates into tangible benefits for stakeholders, ranging from improved tender proposals and reduced time-to-market for designers to enhanced real-time performance assessments and issue resolution for operators. In just the first year of the two-year activity, they have succeeded in launching their innovation and have gained multiple customers.

SYDITIL’s systemic digital twin technology not only optimizes industrial logistics but also promotes sustainability and environmental stewardship. By enabling early consideration of sustainability issues and facilitating trade-off management, SYDITIL contributes to a more environmentally conscious approach to industrial system design and operation.

The support and funding from the EIT Community has been instrumental in the development and launch of SYDITIL. Partnerships with key industry players, including lead partner FIVES, have further strengthened the project’s impact and reach.

SYDITIL is a project that illustrates very well what EIT Manufacturing is trying to aim for with its Innovation Call for Proposals. We are supporting an emerging category of digital twins that is versatile enough to offer use cases in very different application sectors. With SYDITIL we are supporting a young company to test its solution in real industrial conditions and prove its potential to scale, leveraging knowledge at a European scale. And we are happy to see that the first contracts are already there for Systemic Intelligence Group.

Xavier Baillard, EIT Manufacturing Innovation Director
Xavier Baillard Innovation DirectorXavier Baillard Innovation Director

Daniel Krob shares insights into the inspiration behind SYDITIL, citing a research paper on agile model-based systems approaches as the starting point. He highlights the significance of joining the EIT Manufacturing community, emphasizing the vast industrial network and quality of collaboration opportunities it offers.

With a current team of seven employees, including recent hires in software development and marketing, Systemic Intelligence Group is poised for further growth and success in its mission to revolutionize industrial logistics.

SYDITIL represents a paradigm shift in the optimization of industrial logistics systems, offering exceptional benefits for stakeholders and paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future.