EIT Labelled Fellowship – TURING programme

About the programme:

EIT Labelled Fellowship – TURING (digiTal Upskilling and ReskllING) programme:

The EIT labelled fellowship is EIT Manufacturing’s non-degree programme. It aims to attract potential talents who did not go through a formal degree or need to update their skills and gain innovation & business-related competences.

TURING is a part of EIT Manufacturing’s Labelled Fellowship programme which addresses a challenge of labour displacement driven by technological innovation. It contributes to upskill and reskill innovation leaders for future of manufacturing industry.

TURING programme promotes personalised and flexible digital enhancement training programmes, co-created with digital technology providers, companies- adopting those technologies, and their mature established customers.

Companies’ identified personnel willing to adopt digital technologies have an opportunity to benefit from immersive internships with the technology providers and customers using similar technologies. Doing so, TURING fellows will build competences allowing them to develop and adopt new technologies in their home companies.

All participants who successfully finish the Fellowship program will receive an EIT label Certificate with EIT logo.

Expression of Interest form

EIT Labelled Fellowship’s first edition targets participants from TURING affiliated companies. If you belong to such companies, please, submit your contact details and a one-page cover letter expressing your interest in innovation & entrepreneurship.