CPMR Study visit to the Teaching Factory Competence Center

The Teaching Factory Competence Center (TF-CC) hosted a successful study visit on March 21st 2024 in its premises in Patras, Greece, focusing on innovative solutions, educational initiatives, and funding opportunities for sustainable manufacturing. International, national, and regional stakeholders gathered to explore collaborative ecosystems aimed at reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the manufacturing sector. These efforts contribute to restoring biodiversity in the coastal region of Western Greece while fostering collaboration between regional and European actors. 

The day began with a welcome reception and introductions by TF-CC representatives. Attendees then participated in a series of interactive workshops: 

  • TF-CC Tour: Participants explored various industrial demonstrators focusing on sustainability and environmental impact. Highlights included robotic welding optimization in the maritime sector, glue usage optimization, and efficient resin utilization practices. 
  • Workshop 1: Educational Competences: This session showcased educational activities developed for the industrial workforce. The focus was on sustainability and circular economy content, along with the competencies fostered in learners. Attendees also participated in a hands-on activity to discuss the relevance of these competencies to their specific needs and how existing educational programs could be adapted for their stakeholders. 
  • Workshop 2: Virtual Line Audit: This workshop explored innovative solutions and tools designed to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and decrease carbon emissions within the manufacturing sector. Participants had the opportunity to virtually navigate a production line and assess energy-intensive processes. Based on the workshop content, they explored potential alterations for improved sustainability. 
  • Workshop 3: Identification of Potential Collaborations: This session provided an overview of relevant EU funding opportunities to support the development of sustainable manufacturing solutions at regional and pan-European levels. Representatives from the CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions) gained valuable insights into potential funding calls that could benefit their stakeholders. Additionally, successful ecosystems from past and current proposals were presented, highlighting successful collaborations between regional authorities and local actors in national and European projects promoting regional and European-level sustainability initiatives. 

This study visit at the TF-CC served as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in driving sustainable manufacturing practices. The focus on education, innovative tools, and funding opportunities equips stakeholders with the necessary resources to achieve lasting environmental and economic benefits in Western Greece and beyond.