EIT Manufacturing Master School

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The Master School: Three universities, two degrees

The two-year Master’s programme involves a year of study at two different universities and provides two degrees, one from each university. There is also a three-week summer course at a third university.

The initiative is coordinated by EIT Manufacturing in collaboration with ten university partners and currently provides five different programmes combining technical and technological courses with courses in innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • People and Robots for Sustainable Work
  • Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility
  • Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy
  • Platforms for Digitalized Value Network – Digital manufacturing technologies
  • Data Science and AI for a Competitive Manufacturing (providing one degree in engineering and one degree in ITC)

The summer school focuses on transversal skills, such as leadership, creativity, management, etc., delivered in one or more European countries.

The final thesis project is organized in collaboration with a manufacturer: Students develop solutions to address a real need presented by an EIT Manufacturing industry partner in a working collaboration that can result in a permanent job.

Applications are made through the EITM Master School applications portal.

The EITM Master training Programme ensures comprehensive participation of industry with:

  • Real case studies
  • Testimonies and tours
  • Internships

What are the five programmes of the EIT Manufacturing Master School?

Meet the EIT Manufacturing Master School Universities!

The following universities deliver the five programmes:

A! Alto university logoA! Alto university logo

Aalto University

Ecole Centrale de NantesEcole Centrale de Nantes

Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Mondragon University

Politecnico di Milano



TU WienTU Wien

TU Wien

University College Dublin

Grenoble INP

University of trentoUniversity of trento

University of Trento

University of TartuUniversity of Tartu

University of Tartu

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